23rd/24th December 1918

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23rd-24th December 1918:

A pre-Christmas shock knocks all the stuffing out of Adela – her Father’s cheques have not come through and her account is almost empty – with rent, rates and taxes for Broadgate still to pay and an unsympathetic Bank manager to deal with. If only Edgar were there to advise her. Things look up with festive goings on at the Grove – but alas not only is Edgar missing – the Pater has not returned from his travels either…

Monday 23rd December 1918

Three lovely letters from you tonight, none for 3 days. So I was full of joy – I’m glad you had a bath!! Especially in your room – I thought you had them on the landing!!!

I can’t understand you not getting my letters, as I never miss a day. Your pin has been sent dear. I expect you will have it by now. I’m quite better now dear so don’t worry. I suppose I shall always get those fainting fits from time to time. We have been working hard this last week & shall be glad of the holidays. The earrings Mrs Rhind gave me are drop ones, amethysts – my birth stone. Funny wasn’t it?

I didn’t send your photos dear, will after the crush from Xmas, but you’ll get them soon now….   I’m very low in mind tonight. I’ve had a very nasty shock & it has upset me very much. I thought I had about £50 in the bank & I was informed I had only £4. Father’s money hasn’t arrived for his account or mine. I’m in an awful funk, as I have to pay rates & taxes & rent this month. Worries never cease do they? I shall be singing on the embankment if it doesn’t turn up soon. Nice to be left with £4 isn’t it? I’ve got a bit in another bank, but only about £20. It came like a bomb to me tonight. There is a beastly bank manager who doesn’t know Father & so makes things very unpleasant. It’s a good thing I am earning a bit isn’t it? It has sort of spoiled my Xmas. Anything like that does don’t you think. I shall have to get hold of Hubert.

Winnie Worbury, is that her name? was at No3 tonight & Alfred & I laughed till we cried. A parcel came for me with a London’s cap in it & she wanted to know when I wore it. When I said in bed, she said Oh! I always tie up my hair with a boot lace!! Well! of course that nearly killed us. She’s dotty isn’t she? I wish you were here darling. I miss you more and more every day & should like to talk to you about lots of things…. I’ll write you tomorrow dear. Goodnight darling…

Tuesday, 24th December 1918

… It’s so cold I can hardly move. I’m just going out to lunch & do my last bit of Xmas shopping. They are having great riots at No3 over the Noel family… & Peter the dog misbehaves himself in the drawing room when I am the only one there & you know how the Mater likes that!!!

We are all going to Midnight Mass tonight … So everything in the garden is lovely. I expect this time next week I shall be in prison !!!! So I’m going to make the most of Xmas. We’ve got a terrible load of work to do so must buzz off. Goodbye darling old thing … I’ll tell you everything we do tomorrow & who kisses who !!!