11th May 1916

Arthur is almost too exhausted to write – their days have been re-organised to cope with working at night – after a long march they spend about 4 hours digging and repairing some front line communication trenches; thankfully the weather is good and they can work effectively by moonlight; one of Arthur’s Subs has leave soon, and he has asked him to give Dollie a phone call.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Thurs even: 10pm

… I’ve had rather a tiring time since last night. We had a sort of high tea at 5: parade was at 7. This in the evening for a working party. We reached our destination about half-past eight. The new men worked surprisingly well – so that we were able to turn back after about 4 hours & were in before 3 this morning. I was tired.

We were up again at 9 & on parade at 11. This afternoon I’m afraid I slept again. Getting “awful lazy” eh, dear? We had another parade at 5: early dinner at 7 & out on parade again at a quarter to eight. From that parade we are just in. So that, little one, I shall turn in as soon as I’ve said Good-night; for to-morrow we are up again at 6. I long for to-morrow & more new from you, dear. To-day there was no letter for yesterday I had two.

The weather is fine again DG. The nights are glorious – with a glorious moon. I feel I want you more & more every day. God bless you. Thomas, one of my Subs, goes home on leave to-morrow early. I’ve asked him to ring you up. I wonder if he will. Lucky chap. I do envy him.

Remember me to your Mother, dear, won’t you. Forgive me if I say Goodnight. I’ve been absurdly tired these last few days. I hate it, for I feel I want to write & write & never stop. There is so much I want to say …