For many years after the war Dom Ambrose (Tancred Agius) would send the family memorial poems and letters – commemorating both Armistice Day and the anniversary of the death of youngest brother, Richard (“Dickie”), at Poelcapelle in October 1917.

In 1937 a collection of Tancred’s poems was published, entitled “Winged Chariots”. The following is just a small selection of his prolific work taken from that book, together with poems discovered amongst his brothers’ papers.

In Memoriam

November 12, 1917

Cease Fire

Horses in the War

The Watcher

The Roll of Honour

Radstock War Memorial

November 11, 1925

Armistice Day

The Anniversary

“Lest We Forget”


Armistice 1929

Armistice 1935

Thoughts for Armistice, 1936