24th April 1916

Arthur collected his Easter parcel from Dollie when up with the Regiment yesterday – he pronounces the socks she made him “top hole!”; Easter Sunday breakfast with his fellow officers – Dollie’s brothers are both well, though Edouard had touch of flu recently; the CO is back and on good form – to Arthur’s great delight; news of a draft of 250 men arriving soon with Gilbert Reeves and joy of joys – leave is open again soon; the CO says the 2 / 3rd are in France – that they will draw on them if more officers or men are needed & probably they will go through to England; more bomb throwing practise.

Arthur to Dollie

France, Easter Monday, 5.15 pm

Thanks awfully for your parcel – it came yesterday afternoon when I was up with the regiment. Dear soul, you are generous & yeober, ar’n’t you! I only wish that I could the better repay your generosity, dear. Please thank your Mater too dear, for her share. I’ve been wearing the socks you made me for some days now – they are tophole – the extra width in the leg part is a great improvement. Darling, thanks awfully.

I hav’n’t had a letter yet for two or three days. I suppose it is due to the mails and to the fact that I am down here. I hope some will turn up to-night. I am sending Jeffreys, my groom, along to the regiment to take this letter up and he will see if there are any & if so will bring them back.

Yesterday D.G. was very fine; I’d been to Confession here on Saturday at 6. So yesterday I was up at a quarter to 7 & walked over to Mass & Communion at the Regiment.

Mass wasn’t over until close on 10. I went then & had breakfast in my Company Mess. I found that Wilcox & Tabor were back; the latter has gone to the Brigade Machine Gun Company.

The CO was very fit & in great form. It is a treat to have him back. In the afternoon the CO wanted to see Company Commanders so I stayed on to lunch. I saw Edouard, who has had a slight touch of the ‘flu, I think; but he is quite all right again now.

There is apparently another draft of 250 men coming up, dear, with Gilbert Reeves – they should arrive about Thursday.

Best news of all, leave re-opens to-morrow – so the machinery will once more get on the move.

The CO only wanted to see us on matters of domestic economy; but we stayed to tea & were there till 6. I then rode back with Thomas – who came down to dinner. We called in and saw Evie on our way back. He is very fit D.G.

The CO says the 2 / 3rd are in France – that we will draw on them if we want more officers or men; & that probably they will go through to England.

Last night we turned in soon after dinner. To-day has been another ripping day, dear. We’ve been pretty busy all day – throwing bombs all the morning. This afternoon I’ve been doing some writing work for my Company training. Henri & I are now going over to have a bath. My messenger is going up to the regiment. I’ll give him this note to post.