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5 Agius brothers –

Major Alfred Agius MC – 1/3rd London Regiment

Capt Edgar Agius – 1/3rd London Regiment

Dom Ambrose Agius – Of Downside Abbey – Chaplain

Capt Arthur Agius MC – 1/3rd London Regiment

Capt Richard Agius – 2/3rd London Regiment  .  Killed in Action 26th October 1917 at Poelcappelle (Passchendaele)


Father and brothers of Maggie Agius nee Samut (sister-in-law of the Agius brothers) –

Lt Col Achilles Samut –  Ordnance Corps –  Retired 1905 but volunteered again in WW1

Major Arthur Samut MC – 2nd Wiltshire Regiment

Lt George Samut – Ordnance Corps

Lt Leonard Samut – 9th Worcestershire Regiment

Lt Frank Samut  –  2nd Border Regiment


Muscat siblings, 1st cousins to the Agius brothers –

Mary Muscat – Nurse in Malta

Lt Joseph Louis Muscat – served in Gallipoli, was wounded in Picardy in 1917 and then joined the Munster Fusiliers.

Major Charles Muscat MC  – 7th South Staffordshire Regiment


AB James McLauchlan Edgar , married to a 2nd cousin to the Agius brothers  (Carolina Testa).
Served on HMS Agamemnon in the Dardanelles Campaign  Feb 1915 to Jan 1916.


Other Maltese Officers  related to the  Samut brothers –

1st cousin

Capt Frederick Oloff Samut – Worcester Regiment

1st cousin 1 removed:-

Lt Alfred Gatt   (Brigadier in WW2). RMA .  Gallipoli.

Lt William Gatt (later Capt). RMA . Gallipoli .  Commandant of the Malta PoW camps  (at Verdala etc)

2nd cousins to the Samut brothers –

Capt Henry Parnis – 1st Staffordshire Regiment and RAMC

Capt William Parnis MC –  4th Division  Machine Gun Corps

Maj Stephen Samut-Tagliaferro – 2nd Battalion Kings Own Malta Regiment

The Von Brockdorff brothers married to 1st cousins of the Samut brothers

Capt Charles Von Brockdorff  –  Royal Malta Artillery

2nd Lt Hugh Von Brockdorff  –  King’s Own Malta Regiment   –  arrived in Gallipoli  13 Sep 1915 then joined the 2nd South Wales Borderers in February 1916 in Egypt before going to the Western Front.

and their brother

Capt Ulric Von Brockdorff –  King’s Own Malta Regiment


and great friends of the Agius, Samut and Parnis families –

Lt Charles Asphar –  11th Division Machine Gun Corps    (of  Rocklands , Tower Road, Sliema)

Lt Percy Alfred Micallef-Eynaud  –  2nd Munster Fusiliers  – Killed in Action 21 March 1918 (Operation Michael)

Rev Arthur Henry John Pitt  –  RN Chaplain Killed in action at the Battle of Coronel 1st November 1914 when all were lost on HMS Good Hope.  His son , Arthur John Wright Pitt, married Tatiana Mifsud , daughter of Joseph Mifsud and Vera Yarmonkine  (one of the Russian emigres who arrived in Malta April 1919) .  Arthur was Commander of submarine HMS Taku based in Malta.  Tatiana’s 1st cousin (but much older) Sir Ugo Mifsud stood in as father of the bride at her wedding in 1937.   (Ugo Mifsud was also 1st cousin to the Agius brothers in WW1).


Other relations of Ed T Agius descendants and their spouses/partners  –

Cpl Edward ‘Gidley’ Tozer  –  Queen Victoria Rifles – Killed in Action 1st July 1916 (Gommecourt , Somme)

Lt Arnold Tozer –  Royal Garrison Artillery

Lt William Tozer –  Emigrated to Canada before WW1 but served with the Canadian Expeditonary Force on the Western Front

Pte Frederick Stevens –  Royal Naval Division – Captured October 1914 and interned in neutral Netherlands.  Member of the Timbertown Follies  Concert Party

Pte Thomas Foley – 19th Battalion Manchester Regiment –  Killed in action 23 July 1916 (Guillemont, Somme)

Pte Wilson Foley –  9th Lancashire Regiment at Gallipoli.  Then 11th Suffolk Regiment. Killed in action 10th June 1917 (Arras)


P.O. John Dimond – HMS Goliath, killed when torpedoed in the Dardanelles 13th May 1915

Nurse Ruth Dymond – French Red Cross,   Hopital du Pavilon Royale, Paris


Lt Lennard Power Harty –  New Zealand


And others we have come across in our 4 year journey –

Lt Col Frederick Bendall –  2/3rd London Regiment   –  CO to Lt Richard Agius in Malta, Khartoum and Gallipoli.