The Latest from The Arthur to Dollie Letters

29th September 1916

29th September 1916 – Morlancourt Arthur is still in command of the Battalion – they were unexpectedly called forward – to the enemy lines outside Combles – but are now safely back in... READ MORE

26th September 1916

26th September 1916 A brief letter from Arthur in reserve lines … “Yesterday was another great success. I don’t know what happened on our extreme left,... READ MORE

25th September 1916

25th September 1916 A reflective letter from Arthur – with hopes that soon special leave may be open so they can marry. Meanwhile the battle continues: “ Sept 25th what a date to... READ MORE

24th September 1916

24th September 1916 Arthur is back under fire: “We are again in trenches and shell holes on the side of a hill – in brigade reserve – we moved in on Friday night.... READ MORE