The Latest from The Arthur to Dollie Letters

30th August 1916

30th August 1916 A miserable sort of day for Arthur: no mail from Dollie, soaking wet after a day’s training, and the final blow – eviction from their school house Mess when the... READ MORE

29th August 1916

29th August 1916 Another long, tiring training day for Arthur, in close and muggy weather – they are finally drenched returning to billets by a storm, which “fell upon us with a fierce... READ MORE

28th August 1916

28th August in 1916 Arthur has the final confirmation from home that sister Inez has died and he resolves to write to his Mother. The early morning training sessions are taking their toll... READ MORE

27th August 1916

27th August 1916 Poor Arthur is in a quandary – he hopes against hope that the news about sister Inez is not true. It would appear Dollie has written to him suggesting they... READ MORE