The Latest from The Arthur to Dollie Letters

6th December 1916

6th December 1916 “I’m afraid this can not be a very long letter. I’ve been awfully busy to-day and at the last minute they sprang four Cadet Officers on me – who have... READ MORE

5th December 1916

5th December 1916 The weather has deteriorated and is: “… very angry & cold, with a bleak NE wind, and occasional rain or sleet”. But some Christmas spirit has been generated by the... READ MORE

4th December 1916

4th December 1916 Dollie has had the idea of Arthur applying for Christmas leave in Paris and he will ask fellow officer Davis how to apply. More importantly Arthur may qualify for a... READ MORE

3rd December 1916

3rd December 1916 A cold frosty day but at least they have had no rain recently and the ground is frozen hard. To ease the boredom Arthur has been borrowing books from Rochford... READ MORE