Sing of the brave!
They were our comrades
Crowned with their youth;
See what they gave!

All of their best
Gave unrelenting;
Youthful in strength,
Youthful in zest.

Bravely they died,
Seven times fire-tried,
Lying low, side by side,
They have merited rest.

Ours be the grief,
Theirs is the glory.
Mourn not their loss,
Life is but brief.

Death follows fast.
Even the oldest
Seem but a dream
Once they are past.

Lives only Fame
And a glorious name:
“Without fear, without blame.”
That endures to the last.

Sing their renown!
They are the victors,
Who in their stride
Won them a crown.

Untimely caught
In the full flood-tide
Of their career,
Bravely they fought.

See them arrayed
In their ranks unafraid!
To the pattern they made
Let our own lives be wrought.