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How to validate and be accurate

How to Use the NEW MyHeritage DNA Chromosome Browser – Genealogy Gems
Family History Federation show on line 10th April

Family History Federation  ‘Everyone has roots’  pdfs:-

1 – It starts with you
2 – Ready to begin your research
3 – Birth, marriage & death certificates
4 – Grow your tree with census return
5 – Baptism, marriage & burial registers
6 – Records createdd after death
7 – Discovering more about your ancestors
8 – The military connection
9 – Tracing your ancestors when they moved
10 – Proving your research is correct

Links to Genealogy sites (doc)

The Shared Cm Project
Free Military Records
GENEALOGY (Family History) August 2020
Series of Research Guidance Notes available (in PDF format) to download (click blue link)
2. The importance of establishing proof
3. Genetic Genealogy: DNA Testing
3a. The Diaspora Effect (New)
4. Parish Records Research Guide (New & updated)
5. Understanding THE PARISH REGISTER
6. Tracing your ancestors before Parish Records 1538
6a. Understanding Manorial Records
6b. Some tips on reading Manorial documents
7. The National Archives – ‘Archives for Everyone 2019-23’
8. Researching the Local Archives (Updated)
9. FamilySearch
9a. Finding free records on FamilySearch
10. Wills, Admons, Probate and Bon vacantia
11. Electoral Registers
12. The Best Websites for Genealogy Research
13. Learn and Research Family History with Online Tutorials (Updated)
14. Social History and Family History
15. First World War Facts
16. Tracing your Scottish Family History
16a. Scots-Irish Genealogy (New)
17. The 10 Most Common Research Blocks aka. ‘Brick walls’
17a. Brick Wall (research blocks) advice
17b. Guardianship (adoption) and fostering
17c. The Calendar Act of 1750 (New)
18. “Who are the Lost Generation”
19. The Census Act 1800
20. The History of Census in Ireland
21. Researching an ancestor you believe may be Huguenot
22. Ancient English Marriage License Records
23. ‘Writing your Family History TIMELINE’
23a.’Writing your Family History’ Update
24. Newspapers Research
25. The 1939 National Register
26. Surname Mapping
26a. Taxation records for surnames
27. Early 20th century family and social history research
28. Maps to explore for the location of your family history
29. Mayflower Passengers 1620
30. Fan Chart Template
Available from the National U3A Genealogy Subject Adviser: Stephen Dyer