14th June 1913

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Saturday 14th June 1913

Still missing Dollie, Arthur tries to fill his time by trying his hand at DIY; Territorial training is on the cards for Arthur and brother Alfred:

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, N.W.

Thanks so much for your sweet letter: I do love to get them, day by day and hate that for tomorrow, being Sunday, I shall have to go without…

Last night I had Mlle [Flury, French tutor] at six, then something to eat at 7.0 … I left for H.Q. at half past: I had a lot of matters to talk over with Fusedale, my sergeant, as I go to Chelsea on Monday, until July 15th: when please heaven, you will already have been home eleven days! Alfred is due to attend the school for the same period but I do not know if he will be able to. Mater tells me that the Pater is arriving in Paris to-day and is going to stay there one day i.e. Sunday, and leave on Monday morning. Joe and Maggie came home yesterday afternoon: they and Connie between them have taken a house at Westgate, but I do not know how long for.

This morning I went to church as usual. I felt quite at a lose end when I came out: I miss you awfully darling … So this morning after Confession I bought some paint and painted a small pergola in the garden for the Mater – quite a job – it took me from eleven to a quarter to one to do half of it. I came in then and changed into flannels. Daisy and I are going up to tennis.

Tomorrow Alfred and I are going to a parade at Southfields. It is a rehearsal of the King’s Review on the 5th…    By the way Wolter is going to marry Janet at Old Brompton Parish Church. I believe that is what Pulman says…

I’m glad you’re all well – please thank the Mater for her kind message. I’m sure I’ve felt much better since you … drank my health at lunch. I am longing for your return: it is a beautiful afternoon but the sun doesn’t seem half so bright when you’re away…