31st July 1916

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31st July 1916 Arthur is concerned for Dollie as she has had some sort of misunderstanding with Reverend Mother at the Eastbourne Convent, nor is he altogether keen on Dollie buying her wedding ring until he is home; Arthur meanwhile … Continued

30th July 1916

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30th July 1916 Arthur is having something of an idyllic Sunday, as his course at the Army School draws to a close. “This week – the last of the course – is to be a pretty strenuous one – we … Continued

29th July 1916

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29th July 1916 It’s Saturday – but no rest for Arthur. He works until the evening and has a mountain of letters to write to the family – both Agius and Noel. He still has his account of the action … Continued

28th July 1916

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28th July 1916 A short note to Dollie [now staying at Annecy Convent, Eastbourne] from an exhausted Arthur: “I hope you will forgive but a short note to-night, dear. We were out all day till 3.30 then a lecture. I’ve … Continued

27th July 1916

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27th July 1916 Arthur is on cloud nine today as three letters have finally reached him from Dollie, including a piece of her ribbon for his identity tags – and there are more decisions to be made for THE wedding! … Continued

26th July 1916

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26th July 1916 Arthur is disappointed today as there is little or no mail in from home. His days are filled with engineering works, bayonet fighting, instruction on the operation of the Lewis gun and practical experience with explosives. More … Continued

25th July 1916

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25th July 1916 Arthur is all concern for Dollie and would much rather she remain true to her own conscience: “I’d rather by far remain as you are, sincere, than become an insincere Catholic … [if] you feel in your … Continued

23rd July 1916

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July 23rd 1916 Dollie has written to Arthur on the subject of becoming a Catholic before their wedding day – he is overwhelmed with love for her and cannot bear to send the letter back after answering it: “ … … Continued

22nd July 1916

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22nd July 1916 Dollie is missing Arthur terribly and he tries to cheer her up – the holiday with her Mother on the South Coast isn’t proving to be much of a tonic for her; Arthur has decided not to … Continued

20th July 1916

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20th July 1916 A short letter today as Arthur tries to write a few lines before work begins; the days start misty but soon become hot – unlike the weather in Eastbourne. There is a Concert at the Army School … Continued

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