30th November 1915

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30th November 1915 A short note today; a change in the weather means all parades have been cancelled – and the Divisional route march postponed until tomorrow. Arthur to Dollie Billets, Tues. 8.25am Thanks awfully, dear, for your letter – … Continued

28th November 1915

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28th November 1915 Arthur makes the effort to get up early for Mass but finds no one at the church; later he attends a requiem for a 13 year old girl; Arthur is now attached to the 47th Division; an inspection by … Continued

27th November 1915

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27th November 1915 Arthur is finally settled in new billets at Burbure after a slow and freezing evening journey from Boulogne to Lillers, changing trains at Berguette in the middle of the night. The returning officers found welcome shelter in offices, … Continued

26th November 1915

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26th November 1915 Arthur is stuck at Boulogne and is wild with annoyance – he could have had another 24 hours at home; a clear moonlit crossing; no trains are available until the evening, so after brekker they have lunch in … Continued

25th November 1915

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25th November 1915 Arthur is writing in the train on his way to the boat at Southampton, after 10 days of home leave; he is at a loss to know what to say to Dollie – he is still in … Continued

8th November 1915

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8th November 1915 Arthur is kept busy showing the Commanding Officers of the Sherwood Foresters round the posts he is currently in command of; the Londons are relieved but there is a scramble to find them billets locally; still no … Continued

7th November 1915

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7th November 1915 Arthur despairs of finding the time to write to Dollie; yesterday was spent pulling up barbed wire; the fine weather has turned to mist; still no definite news of leave. Arthur to Dollie Fortified House, Sun. 8.30am … Continued

6th November 1915

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6th November 1915 The first frost of the year; Arthur is trying desperately to answer all of Dollie’s welcome letters; the reorganisation of the Division still means leave is uncertain; Arthur has hopes that now they are part of a … Continued

5th November 1915

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5th November 1915 Arthur has been sending Dollie postcards for the last few days – this is his first chance to write since 30th October. Arthur’s leave has been cancelled due to reorganisation of the Divisions; a long, wet march … Continued