30th April 1916

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30th April 1916 Arthur is back with the regiment after finishing his recent course; Dollie’s birthday cake has gone down a treat in the Mess; brother Joe has written and also Arthur has had a much-anticipated letter from the Pater … Continued

29th April 1916

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29th April 1916 Arthur is overjoyed at some important news in Dollie’s letters [the Pater has had a talk with Dollie’s Mother recently regarding the proposed marriage]; a couple of letters from brother Dickie – now at Rouen with the … Continued

28th April 1916

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April 28th 1916 Today is Arthur’s birthday; Dollie’s Easter Sunday letter has finally arrived and he is amused to hear that the Pater made such a fuss of Dollie in her new outfit; the weather is glorious and Arthur wishes … Continued

27th April 1916

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27th April 1916 “To-morrow is my birthday – how strange it seems. Last year I was ‘up’ in front of Neuve Chapelle with the 2 / 8 Gurkhas & Molesworth – he teased me so about my birthday cake. We … Continued

26th April 1916

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26th April 1916 Arthur is still away on a course and time is hanging heavy – he is desperately waiting for an answer to his letter, sent to the Pater last week, and Jeffreys (his groom) has been sent back … Continued

25th April 1916

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25th April 1916 Dollie’s letters have started to reach Arthur again, after some delay; he reassures her that brother Edouard is fit and well again after a slight touch of flu; fellow officer Henri has gone on leave and Arthur … Continued

24th April 1916

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24th April 1916 Arthur collected his Easter parcel from Dollie when up with the Regiment yesterday – he pronounces the socks she made him “top hole!”; Easter Sunday breakfast with his fellow officers – Dollie’s brothers are both well, though … Continued

22nd April 1916

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22nd April 1916: Holy Saturday Arthur is away from his usual Company – on a course; the weather is depressingly wet and cold; the time is dragging a little since he has no Company business to occupy him; he will have … Continued

21st April 1916

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21st April 1916: Good Friday Dollie’s boot hunt has been successful; alas Arthur will have to wait a while to see them – there is no hope of Easter leave this year; a letter from brother Joe; a day of … Continued

20th April 1916

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20th April 1916 It’s Maundy Thursday and Arthur regrets not being able to send Dollie an Easter present; he is also anxious that the Pater should get his letter under ideal conditions and has fervent hopes for a favourable reply … Continued

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