28th June 1916

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28th June 1916 (Wednesday Y Day) “The weather is still rotten. Very, very wet & everything is under water & fearfully muddy. Last night most of the company under Lloyd were out working. We received the usual dose of shells … Continued

26th June 1916

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26th June 1916    Still in the middle of a constant artillery barrage – and Dollie is eager to hear Arthur’s thoughts on who their bridesmaids should be (he thinks sister Daisy too old!!); the fish has arrived but Arthur describes … Continued

25th June 1916

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25th June 1916    (Sunday – V Day) A lively time of it for Arthur and his Company – with the deafening noise of the bombardment from behind, plus being strafed by the enemy from the front. In the midst … Continued

24th June 1916

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24th June 1916 Despite rumours and fears the mail is still getting through to Arthur; conditions where they are at the moment are terrible: “…there’s a great battery just behind us here that makes an awful crash every time it … Continued

23rd June 1916

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23rd June 1916 Arthur has had his tooth fixed – Dollie is all concern for his welfare and wants to send him some fish; there is an air of confidence among the troops and rumours of peace ; alas there … Continued

22nd June 1916

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22nd   June 1916 “And when they were up they were up, and when they were down they were down, but when they were only half way up” … Arthur should win an award for describing the most confusing Company … Continued

20th June 1916

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20th June 1916 A very short letter from Arthur today and news from brother Tancred he is delighted to hear; also the congratulations are pouring in after his recent Mention in Despatches. Arthur to Dollie Billets, 9.20 pm Tues Quite … Continued

19th June 1916

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19th June 1916    Poor Arthur is still struggling with a toothache; he is pleased about his “mention” and says it is all for her [Dollie’s] sake; the Company are still hard at work even back in rest billets but Arthur … Continued

17th June 1916

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17th June 1916 Arthur has just heard that he (and some fellow officers) have been mentioned in despatches; the tooth ache seems to be bothering Arthur a little less today; a view of some dummy trenches and more work on … Continued

16th June 1916

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16th June 1916 Arthur has marched the remainder of the Battalion back to safer billets in Halloy; the officers have a comfortable mess room for once and Arthur even has a bed – but alas they will only be there … Continued

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