1914: Dickie’s War Begins

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On Sunday 2nd August 1914 the 1/3 London Territorials were gathering at the station, on their way to summer training Camp. It was Bank Holiday weekend. Two days later, war is declared with Germany, and the Territorials are officially mobilised … Continued

1914: Countdown to War – 10

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There must have been a tearful reunion with Maria Concetta at the Grove, as ETA finally returns from his business trip abroad. He writes to Headmaster Ramsay on the 19th: “Dear Fr Ramsay, I have just returned from abroad and … Continued

1914: Countdown to War – 8

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Now that Maria Concetta has had two reports on Dickie from Headmaster Ramsay – and had time to think – she obviously feels (as any mother would) the unfortunate accident might have been avoided: “Dear Fr Ramsay, Thank you for … Continued

1914: Countdown to War – 7

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A second report on Dickie from Headmaster Ramsay to Maria Concetta, anxiously waiting at home for news – and probably not quite the end of (final) term everyone was expecting: “Dear Mrs Agius, I am glad to say Dick is … Continued

1914: Countdown to War – 6

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  Headmaster Ramsay has found time to give Maria Concetta an account of Dickie’s unfortunate accident. The news is not good, and makes upsetting reading: “Dear Mrs Agius, … I wish to tell you further news of Dick. As far … Continued

1914: Countdown to War – 5

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The news of Dickie’s accident was a great shock to Marie Concetta. It is reasonable to suppose that only children Daisy and Arthur were resident at the Grove when the telegrams arrived in July 1914. A rare sample of Marie … Continued

1914: Countdown to war – 4

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In mid July two telegrams from Downside reached the Grove in rapid succession: Fr Ramsay to ETA: Operation over Dick recovered from anaesthetic Fr Ramsay to ETA: Nose badly fractured recovered from anaesthetic quite comfortable hope for good night ETA … Continued

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