19th June 1913 pm

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Thursday 19th June 1913

Sister Laura writes to cheer Arthur up; excitement at the Ascot Races; the French President is due to visit London:

Arthur to Dollie:

Belsize Grove, N.W.

Friday even. 10.45pm

Just a line to greet you at Marly. I hope you’ll have arrived safe and sound by the time you get this. It’s rather late, but I’ve only been back from Chelsea a few minutes, had something to eat and here I am.

The others have gone up but Connie is still here writing to Harry. They have only just come in from Joe’s. Laura wrote to me tonight – as she says “because I hear that Dolly is going away and I am very sorry for you” – it’s rather sweet of her isn’t it? She wants to know how you are and sends you her love.

I’m afraid I’ve little or no news since I wrote this afternoon. I came home and had [Mlle] Flury as usual, then tea and off to Chelsea – the work is awfully interesting. Daisy has gone to Maidenhead for the weekend – to Judy Pile; her people have taken a house near there.

This Sunday is Ascot Sunday so there will be a terrific crowd up river. Have you heard yet of the madman who tried to stop the gold cup race at Ascot – he ran out at the leading horse with a revolver in his hand? He stopped the leading horse which fell and the jockey was thrown, luckily neither suffered serious injury. The man himself was nearly killed – he has been operated on – they trepanned him, his skull was fractured I think. It appears the Suffragette performance at the Derby started the idea in his brain, as he rushed out with a Suffragette flag.

Everyone is looking forward to the French President’s visit on Tuesday. Wednesday is being kept as Alexandra Day…