19th June 1913

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Thursday 19th June 1913

Dollie is worried about Arthur and the machine guns; the Marconi Affair; Ascot, cats and cooks and Kings; brother Alfred is promoted:

Arthur to Dollie

Leadenhall Street, E.C.

2.0 pm

Let me make amends and answer your question about the guns – there is absolutely no fear darling, so you must not worry your dear little head any more, will you?…

There is a great stir at present over the Marconi affair. The debate on the Committee’s report was opened last night. Sir Rufus Isaacs and Lloyd George both defended themselves – the strain of their speeches was much the same – “If we’ve done wrong we’re very sorry and won’t do it again – but we don’t know that we’ve done wrong, perhaps we made a mistake but we acted openly and honestly” – which excuses the papers of today sum up in one word “BUNKUM!” which so far as I can discover, is about the truth and I think the public feel the same.

At present we are full of racing: Ascot is now on – today is the day of the Gold Cup. The horse show also opens today but the big day is to be the 26th when the King and Poincare are going in state. More news still: Alfred has been promoted to his Company and gets his third star – it was in the Gazette of Tuesday night last.

Yesterday crowds came in to tea: I sat in the garden most of the time, spent some time with the Pater who was in bed. He is up and well again today D.G. I went to Chelsea as usual… I got in at 10.30: the girls were out at a Cinema – “Quo Vadis”. Alfred had just shot a cat in the garden … it was found dead by the gardener in the front garden this morning, and turned out to be the kitchen cat. Terrible panic. Cook in tears. Luckily the gardener buried it before Cook saw that it had been shot – she thinks that it was poisoned.

I didn’t have time to get to Stubbs – I hope to get there to-day, if I can get away – I shall probably get a black coat and waistcoat, but I have not decided anything yet… This morning I have been in the Courts with Alfred – a case of the Pater’s which unfortunately was given against us – I don’t know yet whether we will appeal.

To-night the Mater has several people coming in to dinner – I am glad I shall be out…