21st June 1913

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Saturday 21st June 1913

Disaster! Dollie’s mother wants to stay in France for another week – what can be done? Territorial’s friend, Wolter, arranges a stag do:

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, N.W.


Thanks so much for your dear letter which came this morning. How did you get on lat night chez Maurice, in your little white satin shoes? I hope you enjoyed it…

Darling I don’t much like the idea of your being away until the 11th – do you think you may have to – its such ages to wait: the 5th is long enough and more than enough. Does your Mater really want to stay? I shall be awfully disappointed, but if your Mater is going to grumble at you all day long for bringing her away, I suppose you’d better remain the extra week. Shall I write to her and persuade her to come as she promised? I have a small grain of comfort in that you are not going away again until we go to Camp.

I’m afraid news is a bit scanty. This afternoon when you go to Marly I shall be at Chelsea from half past two until half past four. To-morrow we go to Southfields. The others are going to the Horse Show this afternoon. I don’t think the Pater will appeal in his case. I got a card from Wolter this morning, for diner at HQ on Thursday at 7pm. I sha’n’t give up Chelsea for him – I may go on afterwards… I suppose he’ll think it unfriendly if I don’t put in an appearance.

This morning I went to Church and Confession as usual. I miss you awfully, darling. Please heaven, to-day fortnight we will be together again …

The weather was quite showery yesterday – today started fine and hot, but it is rather overcast now – I hope it won’t rain. How is it with you? Au revoir, little darling – take care of yourself, for you’re most precious and worth everything to me.