27th June 1913

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Friday 27th June 1913

Disaster! The opportunity to talk to the Pater about their future has been lost – for now; Arthur thinks the machine gun exam went ok; Wolter’s stag night; aviation pioneer Claude Grahame-White flies overhead:

Arthur to Dollie

Leadenhall Street, E.C.

I’m sorry you’re not feeling very cheerful. I hope I shall see you often though you are at Amy’s and I at Chelsea… With regard to the Pater – hadn’t we settled that we were to wait until your return before I asked him, with the twofold idea that he should see first with his own eyes, the extent of my love for you, and because if he says “yes”, it would be nicer if we were together and more convenient if your Mater was in town… I’m afraid that that opportunity has not come. The Pater was back but a few days when he lost a case in the courts: and he has been in Glasgow since Tuesday. But if darling, there is any alternative you want me to try, just tell me and I’ll do just as you wish…

As regards plans for the summer, my plans depend on you … The girls were very pleased to get the cards this morning – it was sweet of you to send them. I wrote a long letter to E.V. [Noel] this morning. I want to write to your Mater but I have so little time to myself. You may be sure that if I possibly can I shall be on the platform at Victoria…

Yesterday after I wrote to you, I shoved my evening things in a bag and took them to H.Q. Then on to Chelsea – we had our first exam. We were all very jumpy – they hav’n’t told us the marks but I have reason to believe that I got 22 out of 25 – I hope so. While we were there an aeroplane flew over – it was Grahame-White coming from Paris to Putney.

After Chelsea I went on to Wolter at HQ. We are giving him a canteen. They were about a dozen, Pulman, Moore, Livingston, Alfred, Edouard, Rochford, Moreing, Reeves and one or two others. We went on to the Empire, then the Café Royal, then a place called the Cosmopolitan. I … came away early with Rochford: Edouard left just before us and Pulman and Wolter soon after, about twenty past one… Alfred and some of the others stayed on – Alfred didn’t get in till four. Edouard was most friendly – chaffed me about my “mail” and said that soon, he supposed, my address would be Orpington! Moore and Gilbert asked me about you.

I’ve just had lunch with Joe and Alfred. There is a children’s party on at home this afternoon: it is very fine luckily. Tomorrow Wolter and Janet get married at half past twelve – I want to go and will try to manage it, but I have to be at Wormwood Scrubbs at five to two to shoot. Alfred is going to play tennis at the flat with Edouard and the twins. Mater says Pater’s friend, S. wants to go to the Horse Show with me tomorrow night, but I don’t know whether he’ll be back from Glasgow, where he has gone with the Pater. Alfred is staying on to dinner at Edouard’s and I believe Pulman is going too.

I can scarcely realise that today week you return, darling. It seems to good to be true … I am sure your thoughts helped me at the exam …