28th June 1913 – pm

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Saturday June 28th 1913

Arthur has had a hectic day, but still finds time to write to Dollie after dinner at “the Joes”; Weddings and Wormwood Scrubbs:

Arthur to Dollie

Downside Crescent   9.45pm

Just a short little note to bid you good morning on Monday – I’ve had rather a strenuous time today. Confession this morning, then Stubbs then to Brompton Parish Church for Wolter and Janet’s wedding at 12.45. Pulman was best man; there were very few people in church. Janet’s mother, Dot and two men; Harold and Mrs Moore, Guy Livingston and his wife, Mrs Bear, and a few others – Beresford officiated.

Janet looked awfully sweet in a white coat and skirt, and a white straw hat with a big white ostrich feather – a bouquet of white carnations and lilies of the valley. The wedding went off well – it was a glorious day. They both looked very happy. I had to leave before they came out of church – had lunch of two sandwiches and chocolate, then to Chelsea, got my kit and to Wormwood Scrubbs by ten to two – a most terrific rush. I was shooting there until half past five – it was very hot – I got back at half past six, changed and came round here with Connie to dinner.

Daisy has been playing tennis, she has just come round. Tomorrow I go to Wimbledon with the guns – in the afternoon I hope to play tennis. Edouard is coming. I am looking forward to a post card … I hope you are well and are taking care of yourself…