28th June 1913

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Saturday 28th June 1913

Dollie continues to worry about their future; the Children’s party at the Grove; Wolter’s wedding; firing at Wormwood Scrubs!

Arthur to Dollie

Belsize Grove, N.W.


Thanks very much for the letter and post card which arrived with it this morning. Darling, you must try and not worry – it certainly is a bit of an anxious time just at present but I trust and really do think that things will be alright. The Pater hasn’t said anything definite… He has been away all this week and won’t be back until late tonight…

I’m pleased you enjoyed yourself on Thursday night – but it was clumsy of your cousin to upset the wine over you. What a shame. I hope your dress won’t be spoilt – I liked it.

The children’s party here yesterday was a great success. The children are so sweet. Last night when I came in from Chelsea, I found the Mater and Connie alone, Alf was out till 3.30am and the girls had gone to a pit.

I’ll have rather a rush this morning – I want to go to Confession, then Stubbs, then I want to go to the Church at 12.30 to see Janet and Wolter. No-one seems to know where Old Brompton Parish Church is. Lunch at 1 somewhere in the neighbourhood – then to Chelsea to get my kit and on to Wormwood Scrubbs to shoot by five to two! This evening the others are going out – Connie and I are going to Maggie’s to dinner.

Tomorrow we go to Wimbledon with the guns. I don’t know how long we will be out there but hope to get back in time for some tennis here in the afternoon.

Darling, this time next week, what a glorious thought, you’ll be back here in London with me. I am longing to be with you again. It seems years since you left, the time has gone slowly without you – and I’ve almost forgotten how to telephone…