30th June 1913

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Monday 30th June 1913

Cab strikes in Paris; the Mater’s holiday plans fall through; Arthur may have to wait an extra day to see his beloved Dollie:

Arthur to Dollie

Leadenhall Street, E.C.

Thanks so much for your two dear letters. To think I can only expect three more – but then I shall have you, my darling, home here with me … I am longing for your return.

I hope you were not shocked again at the Theatre as you were the first time. I read in the Telegraph of this morning about your cab strike. It seems to have been very complete, though brief… Alfred told me last night that “your house was off” – he was at Edouard’s all Saturday afternoon and evening. I am sorry, it sounded rather nice from the description – better luck next time. I must try and find time to write to your Mater – I don’t get much to myself with Chelsea on.

You may rest assured darling that I did not speak to any females last Thursday… Gilbert and Moore were very nice about you – Moore wanted to know how you were, if you were still away etc and was very pleased to hear that you will be back for the review.

We didn’t do much after supper last night. Alfred and I strolled out behind the garden for a few minutes – it was a glorious night but very hot. The others played bridge; we went to bed at 10.10.

It is very hot again today. I’ve just had lunch with the Pater and the Manager of our Alexandria business. This evening Chelsea again and perhaps another exam. This morning I came to the City with Joe and Alfred. I am very disappointed that I shall not be able to meet you on Friday …