1st July 1913

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Tuesday 1st July 1913

Arthur is anxious about Dollie’s train from Paris; another exam on the guns and brother Alfred travels north on business; Territorial Camp is less than four weeks away:

Arthur to Dollie        

Leadenhall Street, E.C.

Thanks so much for your sweet letter of this morning; and for your good wishes for the month. Good luck and happiness to you also – which is selfish really, for what you want, that want I also.

Darling, I’ve been looking up the timetables about your trains. By the Dieppe route there is only one train in the day; which leaves Paris (St Lazare) at 10 in the morning and arrives at Victoria at 6.10 in the evening. I have looked it up in both the June and July timetables – apparently the slower train which arrived at seven ceased running on June 24th. So, please heaven, I hope to see you on Friday at Victoria, if you’re up to time, or within half an hour of it…

I am rather busy this morning and have to be in court as soon as I can get up there, so I hope you’ll forgive me a short letter.

Last night I went to Chelsea as usual. We are to have another exam (our second) tonight. This morning Alfred went north to Newcastle – he will be back for camp in about three and a half weeks.

There is not very much news in town – the weather continues fine and hot… Has your purple and blue dress recovered from the glass of wine? How are you feeling little girl: I am longing for Friday – only three days more! I hope you’ll have a good journey…