3rd September 1915

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3rd   September 1915

Arthur is feeling the loss of 3 more men dying of wounds, killed by the unlucky ricochet of the German shell last Sunday; the wet weather isn’t helping his mood either; the Company have since moved back to billets behind La Gorgue – finding room for all the men was a difficult task, especially after a long, wet tramp in the dark.

Arthur to Dollie

In billets, nr La Gorgue, Friday even 6.15

… I’ve heaps of letters to thank you for, dear heart and 2 days news to give you. I wish you could realise in what degree your dear letters have comforted and helped me especially these last few days. I‘ve been rather in the dumps…

… The weather is very wet – it has rained now since Wednes. evening. You’ll be sorry to hear that in addition to the two men killed by that shell last Sunday, 3 more have died since. One was Serj. Newman, who got the D.C.M. at Neuve Chapelle. Another was a married man, Pte Wines – they had only just joined us.

We were relieved on Wednesday night by the Manchesters. They didn’t arrive until half-past ten, and we had a long tramp back, reaching here at 2.45am. It was simply pouring. There was shelter for about a third of the men only. We foraged around, found another barn & packed all the men in. Yesterday we spent settling down.

This morning, dear, I rode into Lestrem with Johnnie & Sammy to draw money. I got very wet. This afternoon I’ve been paying out. To-night there’s a working party on. Luckily I’m not for it, though all the men are out. Tonight we are having a Company dinner at Estaires.