6th December 1915

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6th December 1915

Mass and Confession the previous day and full time preparations for the building of the new outpost; a wet day in the field, riding through mud; Arthur bemoans the lack of crumpets at tea; the CO lends Arthur his canvas bath; news of a move into the trenches before Christmas.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Monday morning 7.50

… Your dear letter of Friday came yesterday afternoon. Thanks awfully for it; you are a dear to write, even when you’re not fit. I’m immeasurably glad to hear you’re better …

Yesterday dear I had a fairly full day. Mass at 9.15. The Chaplain said it & heard our Confessions after. I was very pleased to be able to go. After Mass I came back up here, dear, & then went for a ride till 1. We are supposed to be doing a Staff Ride this morning, an Outpost Scheme. I rode over to look at the ground. It’s 2 or 3 miles from here.

After lunch slacked a bit: then paid out the Company – & gave a pow-wow to some of my officers & NCOs that are coming this morning. And after that, dinner & an early bed…


Monday even 8.50pm

… Thanks awfully for your dear letter of the 4th: I’m annoyed my letters are turning up so irregularly & cannot understand it, for yours thank heaven come nearly always day by day & it is not very often that a day goes without one. My letters seem to take such an age to get across. I suppose the delay arises in the organisation of the mail in the field, while yours, being done at home, gets a good start.

To-day, dear, we’ve been out on this outpost scheme. We rode off about 11. It was luckily fine then, but about 2 it absolutely poured. We were riding on a hill, fearfully muddy… We got in soon after 4 & had tea & toast (no crumpets!) Then I lay down till 7. I was feeling awfully lazy. To-night I am going to have a bath. The CO has lent me his canvas one. He is in great form.

We are probably going up in about a weeks time, dear, but no one seems to know definitely yet. I shall be sorry to leave here.