7th December 1915

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7th December 1915

Dollie’s letters are late and Arthur is missing them; practising bomb-throwing in the rain – with stones and earth; a football match for the men in the rain at Lozinghem with a very unlucky win for the opposition; tea in Lillers and a dozen Oysters; Arthur is sorry to lose 2 of his subs to the 22nd, but there is nothing that can be done – not even by the CO; all Arthur wants for Christmas is to see Dollie – but meanwhile a new cigarette case would be “rather a good thing”!; an early start tomorrow on Brigade business.

Arthur to Dollie

In billets, Tuesday even. 9.20pm

A day of wind & rain again to-day & alas, no letter from you, sweet lover mine. I do hope that it’s the Postal Service alone that is to blame for it. I do miss your dear news. God bless you…

This morning was fine; and after COs orders at 9 I took the Company up on a great rolling down that lies behind the village & there we practised bomb-throwing (with stones and clods of earth!) About lunch time it grew overcast & began to rain. Nevertheless the Company was playing a Company of the 23rd at Lozinghem – about half-an-hours ride from here. So Lloyd & I put on our waterproofs & rode over. It was a replay of a draw last Sunday in a Brigade competition. At close of time to-day the score was 1-1: they played an extra 10 minutes – no result. Again an extra 10: & this time by ill-luck the ball slipped off one of our backs through a corner of the goal – 2-1 against us.

Lloyd & I then rode into Lillers – had tea, also a dozen oysters. I met some of the 57th who were up with us in Lonely Post. Then home in the dark & wet – we were in about 7. To-night Thomas & Herepath, two of my Subs, have left me. They have been transferred to the 22nd together with 2 others. They are “general service”. I was sorry to lose them & so is the CO but he cannot help himself. To-morrow I have to get up early to go off on a Brigade scheme – imaginary outposts. Lloyd is off to a Serjeants shooting Competition – another Brigade show.

Re Christmas presents, dear: you asked me what I wanted… Can you guess? For its just yourself darling, light of my eyes & your great wonderful love. With that I am more than happy, more than content: my heart is full to overflowing.

For the rest, dear, as regards other folk – I enclose a cutting of a cigarette case that looks rather a good thing. Don’t you think so?