12th December 1915

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12th December 1915

Heavy rain and snow, but Arthur makes it to church for Mass, after a lazy breakfast; a wet end to the Brigade football Tournament; a note to Alphonse that last week’s London papers [The Sphere, Illustrated London News & Graphic] did not arrive!

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Sun. even 9.30

… Your dear letter of Friday afternoon came to-day. I was awfully pleased to get it: for I always want to hear from you & can never be satisfied. Thanks awfully. There is not very much of interest from here to-day. The weather started by being very fine & cold: but this afternoon it rained heavily & even snowed a bit.

I was very lazy this morning, dear, & didn’t have brekker till half-past nine. Afterwards I finished off the map I was doing for the CO. Then took it across to him. He was very pleased with it. I went straight on from HQ down into the village, & drew some money; then on to the Church.

After Mass I came up here again & paid off some men who were going on a bombing course. Brady was taking them to the Divisional school. He came back on Friday afternoon, after 6 weeks leave – Lucky beggar!

This afternoon we went into L—— to see the finals of the Brigade Football Competition. No1 Coy v. the Brigade Machine Gun Coy. The latter won fairly easily by six goals to one. The Brigadier turned up to watch, and the band of the 21st played before the match. It was very wet & we were glad to get in to tea. Wilcox came back to-day from his bombing course. By the way if you see Alfonse tell him that this week the Sphere &c arrived all right, but that last week the Sphere, Illustrated London News & Graphic did not turn up, will you dear, & thank him for me.

Davis came in to dinner to-night. To-morrow morning we are off to a lecture by the Brigade Major at 10.