13th December 1915

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13th   December 1915

Confusion about Dollie’s current whereabouts [Eastbourne] – the redirected letters are taking a while to get through; a lecture by Brigade Major Pope on “Trench Discipline” – an old friend from Arthur’s Garhwal days; news of Christmas presents for the men and money for the Officers; orders for a Brigade move into trenches for the next eight days – Arthur has hopes they will be out before Christmas day.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Monday 5.10 pm

Thanks awfully for your letter of Friday … I was so glad to get your news. I am sorry that you hav’n’t heard since Monday last – the post homewards seems absurd, for the outward mail is generally very good.             Darling in your letter you say apropos of the parcel “I shall have to try & send it off from Eastbourne, as I hear it must go before the 17th”. I’m in rather a doubt where to address my letters: I think it best to send them now to 45. I thought you were only going to be at Eastbourne over the weekend, say about Tuesday or Wednesday!

The weather to-day, dear, has been very fine but very cold. This morning we went over to A—– for a lecture by the Brigade Major in “Trench Discipline”. Very sound. He was Signalling Officer in the Garhwal Brigade so we are old friends. His name is Pope.

When I came in I had “orders” & after lunch went over to HQ for the COs orders. The CP shewed me a letter from Harold. They have apparently collected enough money in the 4/3 to send a parcel to every man in the 2/3 & £50 to us…

Since 3, I have been going over my papers, getting things straight. Reveille to-morrow is at 5: breakfast at 6. We go down to L-ll-rs to entrain at 9. To-morrow night we sleep at a village about in line with Bethune; another stage next day to where Battalion & Brigade HQ will be, then into our allotted position. The Brigade is “in”, but we luckily will not be in the trenches. The Brigade is due to be up about 8 days then back for a few. So DV we will not actually be “in” on Christmas Day…