20th December 1915

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20th December 1915

Arthur is tired – it has been a long day; their section of the front was a strafed in the afternoon, leaving 2 wounded; Arthur is cheered by the arrival of a letter from Dollie and a visit from his old CO, Beresford & Sammy (of the 1/3rd Londons) – it still rankles deeply that he is now attached to the 23rd Londons, despite their understanding CO; tomorrow they hope to go back to the reserve trenches.

Arthur to Dollie

In a dug-out, Monday 4.30pm

I had a letter from you to-day, dear. I was bucked to get it – it was Thursday’s. It’s been a long, long day since yesterday. I haven’t slept much. This morning DG was fairly quiet. But this afternoon they “strafed” us a bit. The trenches, except for this dug-out & one or two others, are not good. We had 2 casualties, wounded. Lieut. Henri has gone sick & Abbott who is not very fit, is going in to-night. To-morrow we go back early into reserve lines.

This morning the CO, Beresford & Sammy came up. The CO was awfully decent – it was a treat to see old faces again. The CO of the 23rd to whom we are attached is an ex-regular & therefore understands. But it’s awfully bitter “to eat another’s salt, & climb another stairs”.

Well, little lover, its nearly time for the rations to go. God bless you & keep you safe & happy…