25th December 1915

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25th December 1915

A busy day for Arthur – serving at Christmas morning Mass then doing the rounds of all his platoons – to cheer the men up; finally – Christmas dinner in the officers mess; Arthur has been overwhelmed with parcels from home – but he’d gladly trade them all for one glimpse of Dollie; his Christmas wish – “Please God, the time will pass swiftly for this war to end…”

Arthur to Dollie

In billets, Christmas Day 1915, 9.45pm

The day has come, and nearly gone – and I miss you terribly, little lover mine. May God bless you always. To-night a great post came, a heap of letters, your dear ones & one from Elsie, a card from Alfonse, a letter from Maggie [Agius], another from your dear Mater. Three parcels – one I think from home and your dear parcel with your photo in it. Darling I love it – you are priceless…

This morning I was up soon after 7 and into Labourse for Mass at 9. I served: went to Communion. My thoughts were so full of you, dear. After that I came back to some brekker here at 11. Then went into Col. Newman of the 23rd, stayed there till nearly 1 & back to lunch. Davis had ridden over to lunch. He was very fit.

This afternoon I went to see one or two men who are at posts near here to cheer them up, then did the rounds of my Platoons at their dinners to say a few words to them. It reminded me so much of last year & the happy Christmas I spent in your loved company. Tea was sandwiched in between my rounds for it was about six before I had finished. Then I slept for an hour: after that our dinner et voila.

I am absolutely over laden with good things … You’ve been awfully generous. God bless your heart & the others have followed suit. So that my head is awhirl with how many parcels I have received & from whom one of them has come. But I‘d give them all up for a glimpse of you, dear heart. Please God, the time will pass swiftly for this war to end…