10th January 1916

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10th January 1916

An evening move for Arthur and his men up into the front line; the weather is fine; occasional strafing from the Germans; Arthur’s new army issue trousers arrive just in time to save his blushes!

Arthur to Dollie

In a cellar, Monday aft: 3.50pm

… Another day has passed & this evening we go up for a few days. So I’ve been fairly busy this afternoon settling details. Weather pretty fine, Huns strafing occasionally.

This morning, dear, we were very slack & didn’t have breakfast till 10. Daddy Lewis came in for lunch: he potters around here, observing. Last night I got a new pair of ration breeches – my others (don’t blush) were nearly worn through the seat! The new ones came just in time.

I was awfully disappointed – there were no letters last night. I hate to pass a minute without your news, dear, much less a day. Darling, I’m longing to be with you again… Please heaven your tooth has ceased to trouble you…