13th January 1916

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13th January 1916

A quiet night and morning, with little shelling by the enemy; wet and windy weather; Arthur is busy instructing 3 Cadets from the OTC at GHQ – all previously experienced men from the ranks.

Arthur to Dollie

In a dug-out, Thurs morn. 12.20pm

… Thanks awfully for your two dear letters of the 8th & 9th. I was more than pleased to get them, especially as we’d been rather “strafed” yesterday about midday & I felt more than ever the need of your comfort.

Yesterday evening was pretty quiet. I had 3 cadets attached to me from an OTC at GHQ. Two were Serjeants in the 15th Londons; the other a man of K’s (8th Somersets) who was in the show of the 25th Sept but who only saw about 2 days fighting. All pretty good fellows. They come up for 48 hours instruction. Last night & this morning were pretty quiet DG. An occasional shell or rifle grenade – one of which wounded one of my fellows.

To-day is not so fine – very windy and an occasional spell of rain. Forgive this short note … the Post Corporal is going in very early and I wanted you to get my news at any rate for the post…