16th January 1916

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16th January 1916

Arthur tries to placate Dollie, as one of his recent letters to her has obviously been cut by the Army censor; Arthur is very pleased to hear brother Alfred has been awarded the MC – but he is less pleased to hear of awards to others – especially as deserving “Sammy” has been overlooked; a request for a more stationery and refills for his lamp.

Arthur to Dollie

In a cellar, Sunday afternoon

… Last night two dear letters came, in the writing I love so much. Thanks awfully dear. You darling little spitfire, evidently the censor isn’t going to be a friend of yours! Still he’s only doing his job, poor chap. It’s a rotten job, having to read other folks letters – and one of the most unpleasant that a regimental officer has to do. I’ve been careful, dear, in case it should be any enemy spy that gets hold of one of my letters and not one of our side. But as there is no indication of my unit, brigade or division in any of my letters I thought it safe to mention places.

I was very bucked to see Alfred’s name in the honours list. I am writing to congratulate him. Everyone here is very pleased about [it]. On the other hand Hammerton’s M.C. is the reverse of popular. People here are feeling very fed up about it, for he did no more to deserve it than a thousand others. Sammy who has done awfully good work & who deserves it a thousand times more than Hammerton is left in the cold. Yet I suppose it is the way of the world.

I slept very well again last night. This morning Lloyd went off for his course at the Divisional School. It’s awfully hard to realise that to-day is Sunday, and that in ordinary times I should be in mufti – which seems incomprehensible – and that I should be by your dear side, sweat heart – which sounds too much like heaven to be true! …

P.S. Awfully sorry to worry you, dear, could you do two things for me, please. One to ask Rosa where she got this paper & these envelopes from – for I shall want to get some more, especially envelopes & to order me two refills for my lamp…