18th January 1916

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18th January 1916

Arthur has been so busy he has been unable to write to Dollie for a few days – they have been on the move and are now back in billets for a rest; good news for Arthur – he is to join the CO at Divisional School for a rest – but hates the thought of leaving his Company as “they’re tophole & run rings round the rest of the Division.”

Arthur to Dollie

In a billet, 9.30pm

… I feel horribly ashamed of myself for not having written either yesterday or to-day so far. You will forgive me, I’m sure, dear for I’ve been head over ears in work these two days. We were relieved on the night of the 16th & marched back here 5 or 6 miles back, where we’ve quite comfortable billets.

Yesterday I was very busy: Johnnie Sutcliffe road over & we had some matters to settle. To-day I rode over to see the CO. He informed me that I am to join him at the Divisional School for a bit as he thinks I deserve a rest – so I go back to-morrow. I can’t help feeling pleased at the thought of a bit of quiet, but all the same I just hate to leave the Company – both officers & men, they’re tophole & run rings round the rest of the Division.

Hammerton, who came back from his bomb course on Monday will be in charge pro tem. Ochs & a new man Webb come back to-morrow. Sammy applied for leave & has got it – he leaves to-morrow. Johnnie has also applied but hasn’t heard the result yet…