24th January 1916

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24th January 1916

Arthur is writing his last letter to Dollie before his leave begins on Wednesday night; meanwhile he has a mountain of work to complete for the CO; despite that he finds time to attend Mass and fellow officer, Bobbie Page’s, 21st birthday dinner.

Arthur to Dollie

… It is now Monday morning, dear. This day next week! please God I shall be with you. I’ve been continually interrupted while trying to write for the CO is always asking me to do things or answer questions. He wants me to finish up a lot of things before I come home on Wednesday night. For example there are a lot of plans that have to be made out. So my time is nearly always full and I’ve been working late at night.

I’m simply mad with excitement to see you, dear. I don’t know what time I ought to arrive on Thursday: but Mrs Sammy will be able to let you know. The CO is sending my name and Bobbie’s in this morning.

Yesterday was Bobbie’s 21st birthday. He gave us a very good dinner in the evening. In the morning I went to Mass & in the afternoon had to ride out with Beresford to choose an outpost position…