18th February 1916

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18th February 1916

More unpleasant weather, and little news to tell; the local townsfolk are well disposed towards the British troops; Arthur has been busy re-billeting his men closer to them in town – and further from HQ.

Arthur to Dollie

Hotel du Commerce, 3.15pm Fri.

I am so happy for two more letters came from you to-day of the 15th & 16th . God bless you, dear, thanks awfully. I’m so glad to hear that you are better, little one. Though the weather must be trying. Here it is pouring with rain – beastly. Take care of yourself, dear, if it keeps wet: don’t run the risk of a cold…

There is little news here, dear one. We walked through the town after tea & I bought a nail brush. The townsfolk here are very pleasant & good-mannered. This morning we parade from 9 – 12: it poured hard the whole time & although the wind is not so intense, it was very cold & unpleasant. We are now having lunch at half past 12: it gives us more time before the 2 o’clock parade.

Since lunchtime we have been fixing up new billets for the men – to get them nearer to us &, incidentally, further from HQ. After that I came in to my room here & have been reading “Vanity Fair”…