22nd February 1916

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22nd   February 1916

Not many letters today – for anyone – and Arthur is feeling the lack of news from home; the CO is back and the current Company arrangements are to remain – Arthur is still in charge of “B” Coy; the officers are playing the men at football this afternoon.

Arthur to Dollie

Hotel du Commerce, Tues aft. 1.25pm

… To-day there was an “awful rotten” mail, small & weakly, & no news for anyone, scarcely. So I oughtn’t to complain that your dear letter didn’t turn up. I long all the more for two to-morrow, DV.

The weather is very cold: it froze quite hard last night, but the wind is getting up & the sky is cloudy. It is very bleak working on the hill slopes.

Yesterday, dear, after tea the CO had us all in & pow-wowed to us a bit. Company arrangements are to remain as they are: that is, I keep “B” Coy with Lloyd, Rice, Thomas & Davison. Gilbert is probably going back to base on a job! so soon!

Our programme of work is to be “Run from 7-7.30; Parade 9-12; and 2-3; lecture 6-7. This afternoon the officers are playing the men at footer at 3.30. It will mean a rush to get changed after parade.

The CO is looking very fit & well. H. came back to-day: he has been in a convalescent home – too much booze! That’s not a ladylike expression but it is true…


20th …  Roman Catholics parade under  Capt.Agius.

War Diary 20th-27th Feb 1916