23 February 1916

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23rd February 1916

The weather has turned bitterly cold so Arthur seeks the warmth of the Officers Mess to write his letters; a present for Dollie’s brother, Evie [Noel]; Daisy has a dream [about brother Edgar “and his girl from Glasgow”!]

Arthur to Dollie

Our Mess, Wednes. 3.20pm

… Brrrr – its awful cold: I started to write over in my room but it was too cold so I came over here to our Mess room. I was nearly awfully disappointed to-day for the postman came in without a letter from you: then returned later with some more mail, & this time had three for me, two in your dear fist, and one from the Mater. Thanks awfully for them, dear, they bucked me up. I just love to hear from you…

Yes, dear, I gave the glass to Evie. He was very pleased with it: liked it awfully. As for Daisy’s dream dear, I shouldn’t worry your dear little head very much about that. She’d probably been thinking about Edgar& his girl from Glasgow.

You were right, dear, about the Hotel du Commerce: it’s the place where I’m billeted. Lloyd, Ainsworth & Rice also have rooms there. I’ve quite a decent room, bed & sheets (very rough): no carpet, so I’ve made one out of a waterproof sheet & an army blanket… I’m up at half-past six, run 7.10 to 7.30; wash & re-dress, breakfast at 8, parade 8.45-12; lunch 12.30, parade again about 1.45 till 3. Then I generally write – tea soon after 4. Lecture 6-7, dinner 7.30 & I’m nearly always in bed by 9 or soon after. There’s not much spare time & I generally fill that in on Company work – of which there’s an awful lot just now as we are re-organising.

Well, dear, the postman has been for the letters so I must hurry & get this letter over to the office…