24th February 1916

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24th February 1916

Rumour of a move to new billets (which is later confirmed); the Pater (at home in Hampstead) has had a fall – but it seems no bones are broken; the wintry weather has turned into a snow blizzard.

Arthur to Dollie

Our Mess, Thurs. 2.10pm

… We are all standing by probably to move to-morrow; so I don’t want you to worry if we do move and I am unable to get more than a postcard off for a day or two. However DV its only a rumour & we shall not make a move after all. There are no orders in from the Brigade: so I’ll leave my letter open until the last possible minute, in case any news turns up…

I’m awfully sorry to hear about the Pater; poor chap. I’ll write to him. Let me know, won’t you, dear; how it gets on. I’m glad there is nothing broken.

We have been in the middle of winter here for the last three days: intensely cold and a lot of snow, with a blizzard.


Fearfully busy, dear, & the post goes at 4: apparently we do move to-morrow. We’ve very little news; you will probably have more from the papers. I’m just going to send this off & will write again after tea. Till then au revoir. God bless you…