2nd March 1916

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2nd  March 1916

A short letter from Arthur who has been fully occupied with Company business for much of the day; the CO and Beresford are both under the weather.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Thurs aft. 3.30pm


… They’ve altered the post to 4 o’clock, so I am seizing this opportunity of getting a letter off: & of thanking you with all my heart for your dear letters of Sunday & Monday…

I have been pretty busy again to-day: this morning we had our usual run from a quarter past 7 until half-past & parade from 9 till half-past 11. Beresford who has a touch of the “flu” is rapidly getting better, but the CO has caught a slight cold.

After parade this morning, dear, I had a man to go before the CO which took nearly until lunch. I’ve a lot of writing work to do & started off after lunch; but John came in & stayed for over an hour, so I’ve been a bit rushed.

Well, dear, it’s nearly 4: so I must pop this into an envelope & send it off with all my love & kisses to catch the post… I’ll try to get another letter written to-night…