5th March 1916

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5th March 1916

No post today but a parcel arrives from Dollie’s mother – alas the packaging has been damaged in transit, but the surviving rock cakes are consumed by the Mess with gusto; a football match against the men is interrupted by a hailstorm – but the officers manage to win 2-1; a dinner party with the officers of “A” Company [Christmas & Co].

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, Sunday even 7pm

… To-day no letter, but a very satisfying parcel from your dear Mater. It was great luck that it arrived really dear, for it had broken open – all the cardboard had been crushed in – however they had repacked it & all the contents were in good form except for one rock cake! The contents were hailed with applause by all & were awfully good. It was fearfully sporting of your Mater to have sent it. I must get a letter off to her at the first possible opportunity.

To-day began by being a glorious day: then it clouded over & we had a heavy hailstorm for a few minutes, about 4.30 after which it cleared again. I got up at 8 this morning & went to Mass & Communion at 9. Breakfast about 10: after which I had several odd things to do.

This afternoon, dear, we- that is the officers – played the men at footer. Quite a good game. We won finally 2-1. We were interrupted for a bit by the hailstorm. The game was over about 5. I had a hot bath & tea & so voila.

Last night Lloyd, I & Davis had dinner with Christmas & Minshull. Rice & Lewis made up the party. It was a very simple dinner but well cooked and I enjoyed it. We dined about 8 & came back to bed at a quarter to 10.

The CO is better to-day DG. I wonder what you’ve been doing all day to-day, little one…