9th March 1916

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9th   March 1916

Arthur is busy catching up with correspondence to family and friends, so Dollie’s letter today is short and sweet; he is also exhausted from more route marching over the local ploughed fields – though the weather has been glorious.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, France, Thurs. even. 8.30pm

Your dear letter of Tuesday came to-day; ever so many thanks. I’m feeling awfully sleepy, for we’ve had rather a strenuous morning. The weather has been glorious again. We were out until after 12; running over ploughland the greater part of the time – it was very heavy going.

This afternoon I lectured my Serjeants. I’ve also been good the last two or three days & written to the Pater, Rosa and Alfred.

I have always an hour or two’s company work to do a day as well and it all counts up. So I hope to-night, dear, that you’ll forgive me a short letter to-night. I’m very fit DG. Please heaven you are too. Tell me how you are. I love to try & picture you at home, and I by your dear side. Happy days – please God happier are in store.

Well, dear, good-night. I can hardly keep my eyes open. I wish at times like this that we were together again …