11th March 1916

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11th   March 1916

No post today from home and Arthur expects no post tomorrow – as they are on the move again soon after two weeks at St. Ouen; a pleasant Company route march through the local woods, after the snow has melted; last night’s dinner with Dollie’s brother Evie and fellow officers was a pleasant occasion; Arthur has written to Fr McNamara on Dollie’s behalf [as a possible prelude to their wedding plans].

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, France, Satur. Afternoon 3.45pm

…To-day there was no post, so I must fain wait until to-morrow: and then the chances are of no post to-morrow too, for we shall probably be on the move again. We arrived here just a fortnight ago, expecting only to be here one night. Since then we’ve settled down and I shall be sorry to move. However, dear, it’s the fortune of war, and one must take it as it comes – with a grin!

The weather to-day has been rather dull & cool: however, practically all yesterday’s snow has disappeared. This morning we paraded as usual from 9 till noon. The latter two hours were set down for a route march. I led the Company into a big wood 2 or 3 miles away & we came home across country. It was rather pleasant..

Last night Lloyd & I went over to Evie’s mess to dinner. Just his usual subalterns were there, Brady & Abbot, Jones & Jackson. Hammerton & the Doc. came in after. We had just a pleasant quiet evening & I came over to bed at 10. Evie is very fit & cheery.

I’ve written a letter to Fr McNamara, dear, which I am enclosing with this for you to read. I found it awfully hard to say in writing all that we feel …. If I could only follow this letter home…

This afternoon the new Padre turned up – his name is Prevost, I think. We shall see him again at dinner.