17th March 1916

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17th March 1916

A very short note from Arthur today – he is exhausted after a full day of parades and other Company work – and the bedroom light is about to be extinguished.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, France, Friday even. 9.25

… I’m feeling awfully sleepy but I couldn’t turn in before I’d written you just a few lines to thank you for your two dear letters of Tues & Wednesday that I received to-day.

I’ve had rather a full day: parade at 9-10: then a certain amount of Company work. Lunch at 12 & on parade again at 1.15. I wasn’t in again until half-past six – so that you understand, dear, that I’m awfully sleepy.

I’m very fit DG & so happy in my love for you. God bless you. Well, dear, the light is going out… I’ll give you all my news to-morrow.