24th March 1916

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24th   March 1916

Dollie is feeling dull and Arthur does his best to cheer her up; letters from home – from the Mater and sister Laura [who is to marry Charles Mompalao de Piro in May]; the snow has returned but arrangements for the Brigade sports continue; the arrival of some new officers, though Arthur hasn’t had much of a chance yet to get aquainted.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets : France, Friday even 9.10pm

…Your dear letter of Wednesday came to-day. Darling I am sorry you’re feeling dull. Try and cheer up, little one; things seem awfully hard sometimes. Everything seems to go wrong & there seems no chance of anything ever going right again. I know, dear for we all have our black moments…

I had a letter from the Mater, and one from Laura [Burns] too to-day, dear. I’ll send them on. I’m glad to hear that your Mater is better, dear. I gave Emile the news as you asked me.

This morning we woke up to find the ground covered with snow, 3-4 inches deep. It was snowing hard & didn’t stop till after lunch. Nevertheless we were out on Battalion parade from a quarter to nine till nearly one. As a matter of fact it was rather fun, for we were moving across country the whole time.

We had lunch around 1.20: & a pow-wow on our work at half-past two. I got in just in time for tea.             The Brigade are getting up some sports to take place on April 8th. So you see dear, that we shall not be going up for a bit just yet DV.

Johnnie Sutcliffe has not been very fit for the past two or three days – but he is practically all right again now. Two or three new officers have arrived, Ely & Mathews &, I think, Maunsell. But I have scarcely seen them yet. That dear heart, I think is all my news. Cheer up dear; know that I am with you always. God bless you…