28th March 1916

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28th March 1916

Fine weather for a morning route march – exercising Arthur’s map reading skills; Company sports in the afternoon; Arthur has been so busy he has had no time to change his boots!

Arthur to Dollie

Billets, France, Tues. even: 8.30pm

… Again to-day no mail: I am longing to hear from you again. To-day has been another full day. Luckily the weather has been fine. It has been blowing hard from the South West.

We did a route march this morning, or rather a concentration march. Each Company had to arrive at a certain place at 11am, 3-4 miles away & each was given a different route. It was then for us Coy Commanders to make our arrangements to get there.

This afternoon I held my Coy Sports. It was awful fun. We stopped at half past 5; had a hurried tea, then off to a lecture at 6. After that dinner & so voila. I hav’n’t even had time to change my boots!