29th March 1916

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29th   March 1916

Morning parade in the snow; there is to be a brigade exercise on Friday and Arthur’s Company is to take the part of the “enemy”; Field Marshal Kitchener is to ride past the village tomorrow; fellow officer Lloyd has returned from honeymoon in England – brother Alfred [Agius] was unable to be his best man; Dollie’s brother Evie has a tumble from his horse, but only suffers a slight cut.

Arthur to Dollie

Wednes. even: 9.10pm

Thanks awfully for your letter of Saturday. I was so pleased to hear from you, dear, & to get your news. To-day, except for two snow storms, has been wonderfully fine but cold. This morning we were out on parade from 9 – 12. The Brigade are to do a practical exercise, probably on Friday & I am to represent the enemy with my company. So I went over the ground & made a reconnaissance.

It was a beautiful morning & the country looked ripping… This afternoon I had some of the Company out again, on sports. After tea a lecture again at HQ by Beresford. To-morrow, dear, K. and the Commander-in-Chief are riding past the village. In the afternoon we have fixed up a football match v. the officers of the 8th Middlesex. After tea, the General is giving us a lecture on the Retreat from Mons.

This morning Lloyd turned up – looking very fit & flourishing. Harold Moore was his best man. Evie’s horse stumbled with him & he slid off him. He has cut his face a little, very slightly DG…