3rd April 1916

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3rd April 1916

Arthur is worried that Dollie has caught the flu from her Mother; another busy day full of Company business and arrangements for the sports – Arthur is pleased with the performance of his men (B Coy); the weather is hot enough to take tea in the Orchard; sister Laura [Burns] is to be married soon and Arthur suggests that Dollie choose a suitable present from both of them.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Mon even: 9pm

… Your two dear letters of Friday & Saturday came to-day, thanks awfully, I’m so upset dear, to hear that you’re not fit. I’m afraid lest you may have caught the ‘flu from your Mater. Do take all care of yourself….

I’m feeling very tired to-night: we’ve had another full day again, & we don’t get much time to ourselves. Running parade 7.15 – 7.30: then after breakfast we had to be at HQ at a quarter to 9. So on to parade until about a quarter past twelve. After lunch more sports until half-past 4. At 5.15 I had a pow-wow with my NCOs; at 6 a lecture by Beresford; at 7 distribution of prizes & so voila. So you see dear, I’m a bit weary.

The weather to-day has been glorious but fearfully hot. We have had lunch & tea out in the orchard. But the heat, which is really extra-ordinary, takes it out of one. Tomorrow we have a battalion parade. I was rather pleased with the result of the sports for “B” Coy did very well. We are now looking forward to the Brigade sports on the 8th

About Laura’s present, little one, don’t you think it best that you choose something for her from both of us. It is practically impossible for me to get anything out here. I feel only too content that you should choose. Let me know if you think this best dear, won’t you?

Darling, I am feeling awfully tired. I know you’ll forgive just this short letter. I’ll write more fully tomorrow. I’m longing to hear from you about things…