8th April 1916

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8th April 1916

Arthur has a bundle of Dollie’s letters to answer but has been busy for the past few days – a long journey to a French workshop and Brigade sports have taken all his waking hours; he longs to hear what Dollie has arranged with Fr McNamara.

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Saturday 9pm.

… I have your five dear letters, Sunday’s, two of Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s. The latter I got this morning. It is getting late, dear, so I’m just going to tell you how pleased I am at the way things have gone, & tell you my news. Tomorrow afternoon D.V. I’ll have opportunity to write to you at length, dear, & answer your dear letters. So you mustn’t be cross if I keep them till then, will you?

I am wonderfully proud of you, sweet heart, and so happy that you have seen Fr. Mc. The first step is taken, the greatest difficulty overcome. God bless you. I am looking forward with all longing anxiety & impatience to the future. You are a darling. I am eager to hear what arrangement you & Fr. Mc. will fix up on Monday…

Now, dear, let me explain how I was unable to write yesterday. The French have a special workshop at – : permission was obtained for a party from this Brigade to go over it. We were 2 officers from each battalion. Daddy Lewis came with me. We had breakfast at 7: & left Bde HQ at 9 in a motor-bus. It took us nearly 3 hours to go & we didn’t get back here until half-past ten last night. I’ve only just given you the times, dear for I want to write out particulars in my letter to-morrow.

To-day we were on parade most of the morning. We had lunch at 11.30 & then rode over to B. where the Bde Sports were to be held. The Sports started at 1 & went on till nearly 6. We weren’t in till close on 7. Then I went to Confession. Then dinner & so …To-morrow Mass & Communion at 8: breakfast at 9: I’m paying the Company at 9.30 & we are on parade at 11, for another Flammenwerfer show. However the afternoon D.V. will be free & I’ll be able to write a long letter…