9th April 1916

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9th April 1916

Arthur has had a troublesome day, hoping to write at length to Dollie, but alas events have conspired against him; one of his normally hard working Subalterns (in the care of one of Dollie’s brothers) went on a drinking spree last night and is now facing a possible court martial; Arthur partly blames Evie for not watching out for him!

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Sunday even: 9.20

…Alas, dear, I had hoped so much for a clear day to-day to be able to answer your dear & welcome letters & to give all my news in full. But to-day has been a long & worrying day & my head aches.

I was so happy to get another letter, Friday’s. I’m just going to write down all that wants an answer, little one, & answer in full to-morrow. So that I am sending back all your letters… there’s just one thing: I’m puzzled as to whether you wish me to send my answer to Fr. Mc. for your last letter – Fridays – you say, dearest “I hope you haven’t written to Fr. Mc”. Is this a slip of the pen? I think it must be – so answer quickly & tell me just what you want. I’ll do it.

This morning, Mass & Communion at 8: brekker 9.15. I paid out the Company at 9.30, & was on parade at 10.40. We marched over past H[ouvin] a couple of miles away to see another Flammenwerfer demonstration, & were back to lunch at half-past one. Since then several odd jobs have cropped up: in particular this. Last night as a result of the Brigade Sports, Evie & Henri & T. went into F. to dinner. Evie wanted me to go but I wasn’t keen; I wanted to write to you, dear. However, apparently Evie and the others went in. As far as one can gather, T., who is an awful good little fellow, but whose fault is that he doesn’t know when to stop, drank rather too much. Evie & Henri for some reason or other left him with Beattie. Beattie doesn’t seem to have troubled very much about him. The result is that he – T. – ran into 2 officers of the Indian Cavalry, who instead of helping him, ran him before the Town Major. As a result, T. is in close arrest & it looks like a Court Martial. It worries me awfully, for T. is a good boy & a good worker: beside he is one of my subalterns. However –

Well, darling, here I am worrying you with all my cares instead of trying to cheer you up…