11th April 1916

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11th April 1916

A dull and wet day – with a morning march for the men across muddy countryside to a temporary brigade bathhouse; Arthur is experimenting with a new cross-country signalling system; news of re-enforcements arriving soon, including some bandsmen (their instruments have already arrived).

Arthur to Dollie

Billets. France, Tues. even: 8.50pm

… Another day has come & gone, & its been rather a dull day, for there was no post and it has rained hard nearly all day … This morning, dear, I took the Company to baths: some temporary ones the Sappers have put up near Bde HQ. It was very muddy going: for the way by the road is nearly double a straight. We went through the wood & across country. All this afternoon & this evening till dinner I’ve been experimenting ‘cross country with a new kind of signal – the Bde want a report in to-morrow.

So that really I have only had this short time since dinner to myself – and I’m so sleepy. I wonder what you’re doing to-night, dear; I’d have given anything for a letter to-day. Life is awfully dull without you, dear, & your dear news. Tell me all about yourself when you write. If you only knew how I yearn for your letters & almost hate to send them back for they are from you & I prize them awfully. You darling.

Lloyd had a letter from Wilcox yesterday. He says that a draft of about 100 including our bandsmen are on their way up. The instruments (drums & fifes) arrived about a week ago…